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  • "We have used CMB Construction several times on different projects. The work was always done timely and the premises left clean. CMB was artistic and made good suggestions that were most helpful and enhanced our jobs. we were very pleased with their performance and plan to use them on our future endeavors."

    Walter and Hazel Wistrand

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  • "I hired CMB Construction (Colin Bushong) to do an addition on my house (2 bedroom, 1 bath) and also to convert my garage into a family room (24x24). From the beginning Colin was on top of what needed to be done and was very patient as I had to do my part to secure the financing for the project."

    Katie Marks

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  • We had CMB Construction tear down an old and build a new two tier deck in June 2013. Colin and crew were amazing in their workmanship and honest approach in getting the job done. Colin made sure that he kept in contact with us during the tear down and build by sending texts and pictures on the progress....

    Steve and Lynn Johnson

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  • CMB Construction recently completed a 1400 sq ft addition to our home. During construction we faced the special challenge of living on the premises. My greatest fear was that our contractor would be involved in a variety of other jobs and that our project would sit idle. That never happened!

    Sven Anderson

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  • this is the third time we have used Colin and his crew. We had an addition, a new bathroom, and an additional room added to our house this fall. CMB did an outstanding job. What we especially like about Colin is that he continually suggests new and better ideas...

    Bob Novak

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  • We hired CMB Construction to paint our back stairwell and hall (1880 house with 24 ft ceiling from ground floor to second floor), re-glaze and paint some storm windows and fix a door that would not close properly. Colin Bushong did an excellent job with all these projects....

    Peter and Alice Murphy

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Selecting the right paint finish

Thinking about painting the interior of your home? One of the most common mistakes when tackling interior painting is selecting the wrong paint finish. Let the experts at CMB Construction help you select the right paint finish to use in your home.

Flat paint has a chalky finish which features a matte sheen that absorbs light and helps hide surface imperfections. Flat paint is ideal for high-traffic areas and ceilings where irregularities and lap marks may exist.

Flat paint has a chalky finish which features a matte sheen that absorbs light and helps hide surface imperfections. Flat paint is ideal for high-traffic areas and ceilings where irregularities and lap marks may exist.

Eggshell paint has a bit more luster than flat paint. It's also easier to wash than flat paint which makes it an especially good option for high-traffic areas that will need scrubbing from time to time.

Satin paints are known for their warm, pearl-like finish. They're also excellent at resisting mildew, dirt and stains (they can better withstand cleaning and light scrubbing) making them more suitable for frequently used spaces. They work best in hallways, children's rooms and on woodwork that will need to withstand modest wear and tear.

Semigloss paints reflect light for a bright, shiny appearance most evident in rooms with a strong light source. Use it on areas that are cleaned frequently such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, closet shelving, doors and trim.

High-Gloss paints have the most vivid and rich color appearance. They are the most ideal for deep, jewel-toned colors such as reds, forest greens and navy blues. They are best to use on wood surfaces, such as trim, cabinets and doors, but only when blemishes are minimal as shinier surfaces make flaws more evident.

In this bathroom Colin used a semigloss finish on the trim and flat finish on the wall.

Contact CMB Construction today with your painting needs.


This Winter Prevent Ice Dams From Causing Costly Damage

This winter be proactive and stop those damaging ice dams before they cause a problem. Ice dams are caused by heat escaping from inside the home causing the snow on the roof to melt. This snow turns into water and runs down the roof. The water then reaches the eve where there is no longer heat escaping and it refreezes causing the ice dam. This dam is particularly hazardous because the water melting on the roof can potentially pool up and work its way into your home causing catastrophic damage. Most heat loss resulting in ice dams is caused by inadequate insulation, inadequate air venting or a combination of the two. The good news is there are things you can do to protect your home. First, make sure you have adequate insulation keeping heat in your home. A minimum R-value of R-49 is recommended by the current energy codes. Second, check to see if your home has attic venting installed. If it does, make sure all venting is clear of obstructions and is open and functioning. If your home is properly insulated and properly ventilated ice dams will be a worry of the past.
Sometimes  more insulation and venting can't be added because of the limitations of the construction. In these situations the owner may want to consider discussing with CMB Construction other permanent solutions.


Decking Materials 101


Pros: authenticity. Most is pressure-treated pine, but pricier options include cedar, redwood, and tropical hardwoods.

Cons: wood tends to change color, crack, and absorb stains if it isn't restained. Hardwoods and exotic choices can get pricey.

Price: $- $$$$



Pros: the look of wood without the need to stain. It's made of plastic and wood fiber and can be stained to change its look.

Cons: some brands offer far less resistance to slips, stains, and mildew. Most choices are heavier and pricier than the usual pine.

Price: $$-$$$$



Pros: resisting the elements without staining. Choices include PVC and polyethylene. It's also lightweight.

Cons: some can look cheap, some can be slippery, and all sag more than wood.

Price: $$$-$$$$



Pros: toughness, rigidity, and slip resistance. Its color should last indefinitely, and its textured finish added traction in our tests.

Cons: it's pricey, and no one will mistake it for wood.

Price: $$$$